DeathGift first monster Dragon Queen 100mm stand 155mm height all Dragon link can be attached with magnets. Can buy from my gumroad or patreon
Giant Rat sculpt for 3d print based on art from Russell Dongjun Lu
RadiationGirl redo for 3d printing
old model redone for 3d printing
Cyborg Girl collectible for 3d printing available on my or gumroad
Real time 3d character textured in substance painter/designer (77k polys and 17.6k HarpLute) four -4k sets of maps (skin,dress,accessories,harp-lute) Eyes and ground done in substance designer. You can buy all project files from my gumroad
While you are looking at this picture for one minute, somewhere in the world two human beings are getting sold ...(CosmicGirl,эмелиБроунг)
My take on sci-fi engineer-diver character for Beneath the Waves Challenge.Concept by Giorgio Baroni. 2 -4k texture sets 69k tris
My entry for first artstation challenge . Concept by Miguel Iglesias
Likness sculpt of Anthony Hopkins Zbrush/Photoshop
Vampire girl! Zbrush/Photoshop
average human articulated skull
medicaly acurate average human skeleton 3D model,with all important anatomical landmarks
Android modeling-texturing Zbrush/blender
Smiley-alien Blender-Zbrush-Photoshop rendered in cycles with new sss shader (алиан,Alien)